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because many are called, but few are chosen

Whether you are called to the marketplace, the pulpit, the street corner or the mission field, we have all been called to follow Jesus and make disciples. At School of the Spirit you will grow in your knowledge and understanding of God and His nature, learn to walk in the authority of Jesus and live a life dependent upon the Holy Spirit.

School of the Spirit is a 2 year Bible training school. Each school year is comprised of 8 classes
(4 in the fall and 4 in the spring). Classes cover the basics of scripture and Bible study, relationship with God and others and walking in the Spirit. (All courses are subject to change)

Year 1

As a first year student you will grow in intimacy with God through in-depth Bible study and learning to walk in the Spirit. 

​​Year 2

As a second year student you will learn to apply the reality’s of your faith to daily living and ministry.


  1. Biblical Worldview

  2. Ethics

  3. Prophecy In The Church

  4. Evangelism 101


  1. Marketplace Ministry

  2. Soulcare

  3. Evidence & Validity of Scripture 

  4. Leadership


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